EXIN Information Security Foundation

Duration: 1.0 days
This course is not scheduled at the moment. Please contact us to arrange for a custom training.


This training introduces participants to the basics of information security and their connection to the organization's information security management according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards. After the training, participants will recognize the key principles and concepts of information security and appreciate the benefits of systematic information security in an organization. The course includes many concrete examples to identify and organize information security improvement actions in your organization.

ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, upon which the training is based, is the most recognized approach in Europe for building and evaluating information security. The requirements of the standards and the course's guidance in relation to them have been practically tested and found to be good in many organizations globally.

After the training, participants will be well-prepared to take the EXIN Information Security Foundation based on ISO IEC 27001 certification test.


After the training, the participant can, among other things:

  • Describe how the value of data and information can affect organizations
  • Explain how applied information security concepts protect the value of data and information
  • Name and describe aspects of information confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Outline the objectives and content of security policy and security organization
  • Name the main roles in the security organization
  • Manage information security breaches
  • Explain the relationship between risks and security measures and provide examples of each type of security measure, including cryptography, digital signature, and certificates.
  • Provide examples of legislation and regulations related to information security and mention possible measures that can be implemented to meet these requirements.

Training program

  • Information and information security
  • Threats and risks
  • Organization and its organization and approach to information security
  • Means to create and maintain information security
  • Organizational means
  • Means related to people
  • Means related to physical security
  • Technical means
  • Information security legislation and regulations

Benefits of the training

  • Get practical advice on how you can improve information security in your own organization while preparing for ISO 27001 standard requirements
  • Understand the information security operating environment of the 2020s and know how to prepare for it correctly
  • Understand the new approach of the information security ISO 27001 standard's 2022 version and be able to prepare your organization for it
  • Understand the most common information security threats and get the means to prepare for these information security threats
  • You can strengthen your own expertise and advance your career by passing the certification test

Target group

The course is aimed at all professionals who handle information, especially confidential information. The course provides a solid foundation for starting to improve information security in an organization and due to its coverage, also for obtaining higher-level information security certification. Entrepreneurs or small business owners who need basic knowledge on the subject will also benefit from the EXIN Information Security Foundation based on ISO IEC 27001 certificate.


There are no prerequisites for the training.

Training day schedule

The training schedule is from 9 am to 5 pm.

After the training, we recommend setting aside time for reading the book shared during the training (approx. 100 pages, 5 hours) and doing and checking the practice test (1.5 hours).


The trainers are Wakaru's experienced EXIN Information Security Foundation based on ISO IEC 27001 certified trainers.

Training materials

The training materials are in English and will be delivered in advance in pdf format. The training book will be shared electronically with remote participants and physical copies will be given to those attending classroom training.

Proving competency with certification

After the training, you will receive a test voucher, which you can use to book a remotely proctored, self-administered online test.

Cancellation terms
If you can not participate this course, you can send someone else instead of you. If cancellation is done less than two (2) weeks before the course start, we will charge 50% of the price. In case of no show without any cancellation, we will charge the whole price. Cancellation fee will also be charged in case of illness.

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