Reliability in the Face of Uncertainty

07.02.2024 13:00 - 14:00

Webinar recording: Reliability in the Face of Uncertainty

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  • "What was presented on the webinar, the general information about Chaos engineering what it is, why it is used and then a real demo how it could be done"

  • "To start presenting or using Chaos engineering is pretty easy and how power full process it is"


Explore the critical role of reliability in software systems amidst ever-changing environments. Learn from Benjamin Wilms, Co-Founder and CEO of Steadybit, about how chaos engineering can proactively improve system resilience and customer satisfaction.


Webinar Speakers

Benjamin Wilms

Benjamin is the co-founder of Steadybit and a product-minded engineer with 20 years of experience. Benjamin spreads his enthusiasm and new knowledge as a speaker and author – especially in reliability, chaos and resilience engineering. One thing he does to relax his mind is to push his body while shredding MTB trails.

Nils Wloka

I'm passionate helping people solve problems and create value with software. As CPTO at Steadybit, I apply more than two decades of experience in the IT industry, ranging from development and software architecture to requirements and product management, to help my team grow, sustainably deliver value, and enjoy the work.


At Steadybit, we specialize in enabling and streamlining the roll-out of Chaos Engineering within organizations. Our platform is crafted with a keen focus on assisting teams, particularly Site Reliability Engineers and platform teams, in introducing and implementing Chaos Engineering methods throughout their organizations. We provide the tools and support necessary for these expert groups to effectively guide their colleagues in adopting these practices, ensuring a systematic and safe approach to enhancing system resilience and reliability.


Lauri Humina

The moderator of the webinar is Lauri Humina from Wakaru, an experienced DevOps and SRE expert.


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Reliability in the Face of Uncertainty
07.02.2024 13:00 - 14:00