Introduction to API Economy

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Introduction to API Economy
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Introduction to API Economy eLearning (kesto 25.0 tuntia)
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This course is not a "Master's course for API Economy" but a university Master's level course. So this course is meant for people who have not encountered API Economy as a business model before, even if they had some knowledge of APIs as technology.

  • .. you have a better starting point to provide service to your API and digital customers.

  • .. you have new API Economy-related ideas associated with ongoing projects.

  • .. your thinking about what API is may transform and you understand API is more than a technical thing.

Why KONE thinks API Economy is important?

Smart buildings need APIs and ecosystems

KONE provides innovative and eco-efficient solutions for elevators, escalators, automatic building doors, and the systems that integrate them with today's intelligent buildings. We support our customers every step of the way: from design, manufacturing, and installation to maintenance and modernization. KONE is a global leader in managing the smooth flow of people and goods throughout buildings. This makes us a reliable partner throughout the life cycle of buildings. 


KONE has made it possible to offer this course in additional languages: Chinese and German!



In the video, Olli Kilpeläinen from KONE introduces how the company uses APIs as part of products and services and why it is important to the whole smart buildings and "people flow" ecosystem.

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